MDL Beast, Saudi Arabia

Let’s appreciate that the whole world is problematic right now and any step forward is something that I want to celebrate.

LED Team

I was treated with immense respect and love by the mainly local crowd attending the first ever EDM festival in the KSA.

Especially as a woman, I’m proud to have been able to bring fresh shakti energy to this festival and entertain a young generation who, unlike us in the west, never had the chance to dance their bodies free to such an extent.


The response from the audience was heart warming and seeing multiple dance floors being shared by men and women, exposing their beautiful, happy faces, was my absolute highlight.

All the LED circles!

Times are a-changing and I am honoured to have been part of this – slow but very necessary – process.
This is what music and the arts are here for – to bring people together ❤️

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