‘Animals are a continuous dance. So are humans. Every sincere movement is a revelation’ A.Jodorowsky

Silvia is a hula hoop dancer and fire performer, based in London. She discovered circus on the streets and became totally entranced by this art form. The street was in fact her first teacher, as Silvia started her career by doing street shows in Italy, which gave her invaluable improvisation skills.

After graduating in Translation and interpreting, Silvia realised that sitting at a desk with headphones on all day was not quite right. Her heart told her to quit the dictionaries and take her passion for circus to another level, so she dived onto the Foundation degree in Circus Arts at the Circus Space, London, where she specialised in hula hoops.

Since then, Silvia has been performing in London and internationally. Selected venues and events include:

–  The John Bishop Show, BBC1, 2015

–  Blue Peter, CBBC, 2015

– Glastonbury Festival 2011 to 2015

– Melia Dunaas Resort and SPA grand opening, Cape Verde, 2014

– The Act, Dubai, 2013

– Mercedes Benz – Stylo Grand Prix, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia 2013

– The Southbank Centre, London, 2012

– The Commonwealth Games 2010 closing ceremony, Delhi, India

Silvia is constantly attracted by the possibilities and challenges of expressing feelings and ideas through movement and body language. This has inspired her to research and explore how integrating her own discipline with others such as acrobatics, contemporary dance and yoga, in combination with personal life experiences, can affect and add depth to one’s own performance style. Silvia is keen to engage with different perspectives and stories. She believes that collaboration with people from any discipline, whether acting, choreography, music or design, will not only impact on her personal development as a circus artist, but also lead the way in creating new ways of thinking about and perceiving contemporary circus.

Alongside her performance career, Silvia has experience in teaching circus skills to adults and children alike.


3 Responses to “About”

  1. Hey, just saw you on the BBC coverage of Glastonbury 2014 – great performance! 🙂


  2. I just saw that performance too! Wow! I think you just exploded onto the scene, girl. You are amazing. I had come here to learn more about you.

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