Silvia hula hoops on ‘Blue Peter’ – BBC

I’m not sure if it was a coincidence or through word of mouth, but just before my multi-media performance on the John Bishop Show was released on the BBC, I was invited to hula hoop live on the Blue Peter show…

It was so last minute, everything literally happened within a few hours, and that included running from London to Manchester to live TV, whilst beating a tube strike, in true ninja style…¬†BOOM, HOOP, BANG!

You bet I got a Blue Peter badge for that!

Many thanks to everyone at the BBC Bridge House Manchester, it was great fun!

Uncomfort Zone

What is dance? What is beauty?

‘Uncomfort Zone’ explored the key aspects of Mehmet Sander‘s renowned ‘Manifesto on Dance’: dance is a premise to refuse comfort, emotion and music, in favour of collision, maximum velocity and gravity as enhancements of – rather than inhibitions to – performance.

I took part in a five-day workshop where Sander, performer and choreographer of high-impact dance, challenged the participants physically, mentally, and intellectually. He pushed us to overcome some of our most natural fears as human beings – falling, colliding and trusting people – and led us into a whole new way of perceiving dance, purity and beauty.

The workshop was followed by 2 live public performances in the Great Hall, People’s Palace at Queen Mary, University of London.

Photos were taken by Bobby Whittaker and you can find more on my Flickr.