Teardrop – Smart LED hoop duo act

A highly-skilled, sophisticated and sassy performance that combines dance and hula hooping with the latest, cutting-edge LED technology. Custom illuminating colours, patterns and graphics are delivered on stage in conjunction with seamless movements and choreography, to create an unforgettable, multi-dimensional visual experience.
Shot and cut by Thomas Johansson
Soundtrack by Massive Attack.

Hoops in Motion – Hula hoop and Motion Graphics act

A spectacular work of circus and visual arts that explores a hula hoop dancer’s journey through fractals, asteroids and butterflies. Performed by Silvia Pavone on the BBC1 for The John Bishop Show. Video graphics by howie.tv. Live at the Hackney Empire, London. Produced by Cirque Bijou.

Black Out Days – Smart LED Hoop act

Can we love two, three, ten people at once? Exploring jealousy, betrayal and (loss of) control through hula hoop dancing and manipulation. This is a black light and smart LED hoop piece.

Music by Phantogram. Photos by Simon Yin.

The Hypnotic Honies of HulaGlow Hoop act

This is a 1920’s, ‘Great Gatsby’ inspired piece, set to a modern, fast paced and fun electro-swing soundtrack. Any type of audience will be dazzled by the charm and skills of these super cute ‘Flapper Girls’, dancing and spinning up to 8 fantastically bright LED hoops.

This act can be performed both as a solo and duo piece.

Photos by Jon Green (http://jonaarongreen.com/)

You can find more photos from this act on my Flickr.

GynoidGlow Hoop act

A gynoid discovers a whole new range of forms and movements. Unexpected feelings arise, in her journey through hoops and night lights. Choreographed and performed by Silvia Pavone.

AtmaHula hoop act

Atma is one’s true self, the soul within each living entity, beyond identification with reality.
What happens when the individual souls of 2 separate beings come together? Do they become one?

In this act, Silvia takes her hula hoops as a partner, working on intention and physicality in order to express the challenge, excitement and loss (or gain) of control that human relationships can trigger.

You can find more photos from this act on my Flickr.

All of meHula hoop act

‘All of me’ is a sumptuously sexy and cheeky act. Silvia will delight you, as she effortlessly spins up to 6 hoops, performing incredible feats of flexibility and dexterity. Set to a classy soundtrack by Ella Fitzgerald, this fabulous piece ends with a surprising climax of confetti, raining onto the stage and the audience.

Don’t stop till you hoop enoughHula hoop act

A sexy and frivolous stage act, using funk-attitude informed circus skills, that will inspire even the most reserved audience to try hula hooping.

You can find more photos from this act on my Flickr.

The ThrillerZombie hula hoop act

‘Italian acrobat Miss Peacock, turned her hula hoops into pure light with a jaw-dropping zombie routine to the tune of Thriller.’  C.J. Lazaretti

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